Creatingway has developed and manufactured various metal and plastic parts machined industry included the medical device, electronic products, consumer products, and communications products and much more industries.

We have also provided CNC machined, rapid prototype, rapid tooling, metal sheet fabrication, vacuum casting, plastic injection tooling and 2nd finishing process to our global customers.

Creatingway offers excellent quality, competitive price, quick turnaround, 100% after-sales guarantee. Our professional engineer team and sales team are closed to work with you for each stage, get you timely and effective feedback and updated.

aluminum machining parts manufacturer

Aluminum Machining Parts Manufacturer

Aluminum Machining Parts Manufacturer Creatingway is a professional aluminum machining parts manufacturer in Shenzhen China from design, development to production. Aluminum material is one very common metal material, which applies for most of the industry like machine component, shell, LED vent, heat sink, and extrusion parts, etc, so we need to know why the aluminum…